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virus  datarecovery

Virus, Spyware, Adware and Malware Removal

If your computer is slow or overtaken with popups, we can detect and remove all these pests to make your computer like new again!

Data Recovery & Backup

We offer a complete recovery solution for your computer systems or flash drives. We offer back-up services or will teach you the safest and faster way of securing your data.

 tuneup  upgradesrepair

Computer Cleanup & Tune-up

Temporary files, cookies, registry corruption are just a few of the things that can slow your computer or cause other annoying problems. Come in for a computer tune-up and resolve all issues fast.

Upgrades & Repairs

Whether you are just upgrading a piece of ram or video card to a motherboard and CPU , we can supply fast, reliable service. Most repairs done in one business day.

 routernetwork  newcomputer

Router Configuration & Network Setup

In-home wired or wireless network setup. Improve your security by encrypting your network. Stop or eliminate kids from accessing inappropriate content on-line.

New Computer Setup

We don’t just setup your computer we provide a full personalized service with data transfers done to your specifications. We will also provide you with software and education on how to keep your computer like new.

 customcomputer  training

Custom Built Computer Systems

Whether you are an avid gamer or use your computer just for checking emails, we can provide a system made just for your needs.

Training & Education on Computer Problems

In store or in-home training available. Want to learn to email, attach documents, burn a picture dvd or anything else? No problem is too small! Have an annoying computer problem? We can help.